InstaMood: March

So here’s a recap of my past month in squares:

First of all:

  • Hello April! (Happy April Fools’ 🃏)
  • Which means… my birthday month is over. 😱😭
  • Also, it’s Holy Week / 2 weeks semi-vacation, so yay!

1-6. “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.” I ended March with an acads/stress-free weekend slash post-birthday celebration; spent it with my org batchmates in Pangasinan (post coming soon). For days like this and for sunrise this Instagram worthy, waking up extra early is no biggie.


7. Home. And packing clothes again! (This time for dad’s birthday celeb.) I love that all of our birthdays in the fam are in the summer– there’s always a reason for a beach fix. 🌴

8. Printed +++ photos for my bedroom wall. And for keepsakes as well.

9. Chill days = stay in bed art days. (I finally got Zig Calligraphy Pens! *somebody gift me brush pens now please*)

As I write this, I can’t stay put. I want to go somewhere (but traffic, why?!) News says most expressways are jam-packed for the Holy Week break. Guess I have to deal with the seapanx for now.

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