Currently Vol.7

Sunday update again. But more than that, this Sunday has been like the old days- stayed in the province, visited both of my grandmas, ate more food in a day than I did for the week, and now I’m just staying in my fave spot at home. Time’s running both slow and fast at the moment.


  • READING through articles about Art BGC. Just saw a post about it on Instagram, and apparently, it’s a mural festival happening this week. Planning to go; just hope my final exams sched allows me to. 
  • WRITING nothing but this rn.
  • LISTENING to Cody Simpson’s The Acoustic Sessions. My friend made this video of our Zambales roadtrip and one of his songs was used as BGM so I searched it up on Spotify.
  • THINKING if I should cut my hair shorter, like almost barber’s cut or smtg. The heat’s tempting me.
  • SMELLING air? Haha. Or pollution or something.
  • WISHING I get exempted off my major final exams. They’re all due on Friday and I just wish my last exams’ grades make the cut.
  • HOPING again, exemption. Pretty please with all the diabetes inducing things on top.
  • WEARING a summery outfit because we were required to by my aunt for lunch lol. We have this clingy weird extended family.
  • LOVING that this is the last week of the semester. So close to thinking-’bout-nothing days.
  • WANTING to go to Batanes badly. My titas brought it up a while ago. And I’m clinging to them because my savings alone couldn’t fly me there. 
  • NEEDING to lose weight and exercise. Really. I’ve been abusing my body and feeding it a lot of fast food lately.
  • FEELING no worries today. Feels nice.
  • CLICKING through Facebook photos and Buzzfeed articles and on Zalora shopping and scrolling through my online notes and exams. Multitasking at its finest.

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