Currently Vol.10

Pictured above is me in my “Bakit ayaw buksan ni kuya lifeguard yung umbrella? Mas Instagrammable kaya.” face. My inner frustrated photo-director was well, frustrated. Moving on, this week has been quite the breather. For days, I have been in a constant relationship with the sea. Damn, we were perfect for each other. Though sadly, walang forever. And with all grieving aside, I am now back in the comforts of my room, dwelling on memories of my short summer fling with the ocean. (Yes, bed, you are and always will be my one true love.)


  • READING nothing. Just being a bum.
  • WRITING this. And painting randomly chosen quotes over the internet on paper so I could practice hand lettering.
  • LISTENING (WATCHING, actually) Reply 1994. Supposedly planning on skipping this week’s The Sunday Currently because I am too hooked with this Kdrama since I got home. (I want my own oppa to fight with please. Or I could settle with a hot baseball player too. I’m not picky, really. Feels. Feels everywhere.) But this is the 10th Currently post and I am on a roll. So, must stay consistent.
  • THINKING about tomorrow’s enrollment for midyear. And other midyear plans. 2 months, what to do?
  • SMELLING coffee. I froze coffee just an hour ago, and left the teaspoon in. Now the teaspoon’s stuck and I am silently arguing with the cup of frozen coffee beside me.
  • WISHING my midyear classes won’t be strict with attendance. Because July trips. I have been planning these for months. Should I even push through with midyear?
  • HOPING the same thing as I was wishing for. Please.
  • WEARING striped maroon shirt, running shorts. As if I’m running anytime soon. (This is why I’m fat series once again.)
  • LOVING that I have been 90% worry free.
  • WANTING to fast forward to my next adventure.
  • NEEDING to pee. HAHA. Didn’t need to tell you that, sorry.
  • FEELING light. Not literally. Because literally, I feel heavy. I have been binging a lot. A. Lot. The figuratively light.
  • CLICKING Dramabeans and AsianWiki (bookmarking new series that would eventually lead to the question “Why am I torturing myself?!” as I cry and laugh at the same time with popcorn stuck in my hair while drowning in chips and chocolate wrappers on the sofa. Oh the joy!)

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2 responses to “Currently Vol.10

  1. Sana ikaw na nagbukas nung umbrella! Haha. It’s still a nice photo.

    I tried watching Reply 1994 but got bored. Or maybe Korean dramas just aren’t my thing. 😦


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