#WRULou: Bohol

This was before typhoon Yolanda and the magnitude-7.2 Bohol earthquake. It’s a relief that Bohol managed to get their tourism industry back on track now. But old iconic churches damaged during the quake will forever be missed. I’ve had some friends go over there this summer which had me post-processing my old photos as well.

During our Bohol trip, we stayed in Dumaluan Beach Resort (good resto line up) and Bohol Beach Club (good beach amenities). These two resorts just sit side by side each other along the shores of Panglao beach.

Panglao will always be on my favorite beaches in the Philippines list. Soft white sand and a long stretch of the shore during sundown makes me a giddy, happy camper. Very few marine life though. I spent way too many supposed dinner time by the shore when it was low-tide. The beach then becomes a white sand marshland!

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No trip in Bohol would be complete without visiting these miniature mountains (or giant chocolate drops). This is exactly the real life counterpart of how I draw landscape sceneries in elementary.

Museo de Loboc

Museo de Loboc


Buffet in a river cruise. I’ve got to admit, I did more eating and kind of forgot to take the cruise thing in.

There were stops in floating cottages where locals and a choir of kids sing and perform.

There were stops in floating cottages where locals and a choir of kids sing and perform.

Old churches

Baclayon Church

Blood Compact Monument

Blood Compact Monument

Bohol Habitat Conservation Center and Tarsier Conservation Area

Rain was drizzling when we arrived at the conservation area so I didn’t get to take good photos of the tarsiers. All I can say is they look like alien monkeys. Bigger eyes than Amanda Seyfried, Mila Kunis, and Zooey Deschanel combined. They should make a Pokemon out of it. Or a cartoon TV series: Teenage Mutant Alien Monkeys!

Us sad because rain

Us sad because rain

So we took selfies instead

So we took selfies instead

Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Bamboo Hanging Bridge

The man made mahogany forest is a must-see. It was along the road and we couldn’t stop to take a photo because it was raining. (Okay, I hate you right now rain.) It was creepy then (because rain again) but definitely calming.

Panglao Beach


So this is not Bohol anymore. We had a side trip to Cebu because our homebound flight was coming in from there and we went to visit one of my dad’s friend.

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4 responses to “#WRULou: Bohol

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m hoping to visit the Philippines next summer…I will definitely try to make it to Bohol!


  2. Ahh i’ve been to bohol last year and it was magical. The beach is so pristine and beautiful! Plus the people are really really nice 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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