#WRULou: Hong Kong Ocean Park

Here’s another one of my Hong Kong Photo Diaries. Leaving, I kept on thinking “Holy sweet cheezus, I’m old enough to go on trips on my own, I’m freaking independent. I’m using up my savings and shit. So freaking mature.” but who am I kidding?! I’m actually leaving for Disneyland and Ocean Park. I’m a child stuck in an adult’s (?) body.

I want a pet penguin! I have a hundred reasons as to why but mainly because they walk funny. Cute, little weirdos in tuxedos!

Click continue reading below for more photos. (A lot lot lot more.)

Half of the day, we were lining up for the rides, along with kids maybe half of my age. Into almost 5 months from my birthday, and I still can’t get over the fact that I’m part of the 20s club. Ew. Why?

All the vibrant colors! My eyes are happy.

All the vibrant colors! My eyes are happy.

Exteriors, exteriors.

Exteriors, exteriors.

The Pantone Project

The Pantone Project

The heat was insane. A typhoon was expected for that week but instead, we were baked the whole day. We kept coming back to the Arctic and Antarctic areas because it was soooo hot. (Or maybe I just wanted to see the penguins again. Maybe.)

And I probably took around 50+ jellyfish pictures just because they look so mushy. And I never thought some look like elegant ghosts of some sort. #GhostBoss

I shall entitle thee Communication Through The Years

I shall entitle thee Communication Through The Years

Who wouldn’t take photos with a pink telephone booth?

My kind of vandalism

My kind of vandalism

The Old China area looked so good. I wanted to rip off all the posters and take them home. Redefined vintage art goals.

Still have more photos and hopefully, I can finish sorting them out. I don’t really have anything to do (yet) but I also don’t really want to do anything. I’m just really looking forward to my next trip now.

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2 responses to “#WRULou: Hong Kong Ocean Park

  1. we never too old to go to disney land, right? this is a dreamland for everyone (especially girls). love the photos diary too!

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