Digital Art


Or maybe just eyebags.

Finally bought (a cheap) one just so I could finally try digitizing. Haha. My Genius EasyPen i405x just costs Php1750 and I even had a 15% off coupon, so all in all, I shelved out less than Php1500! I think that was a steal. I wanted to see if I could go digital first before investing in good brands like Wacom.

This is the first I did off PaintTool SAI. (Okay, second. The first was just lines and attempts and it sucks.) This is pretty much my first semi-decent one (thus me brushing it off with texts over the painting to decrease sucky-ness), but yay for more time to waste and more homeworks I probably will purposely forget to do. I might doΒ a progress thing on digital art since I’m only starting off, and maybe a tablet review as well after some time. Good thing the first wave of exams are ending and I’ve so far have been having good sleep. So, how are things on your side?

PS. OMG this is my 100th post. Haiiii.

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