Currently Vol.20

Currently Vol.20

My Sunday consists of me staying in bed, getting back on Snapchat, cleaning my workspace, eating one too many chocolate sandwiches, binge-watching, and doing calligraphy and watercolor drills. My Sunday should have consisted of me studying for an exam. But there’s always Monday dawn for that.


  • READING tutorials on how to draw hands. This is why you only see me draw faces. Because fuck hands. 
  • WRITING refrigerator notes for my brother.
  • LISTENING to Wherever You Will Go by The Calling. Kasi bagay sa weather.
  • THINKING still about yesterday’s Cheerdance Competition. Ang drama kasi ng playlist ko now, ang dami ko tuloy hugot, nakakainis. UP, UST, sira na nga puso ko, nasira pa lalo huhu.
  • SMELLING tacos for early dinner. There are only two things I’m confident of cooking and serving to other people: pasta and tacos.
  • WISHING for an extended weekend.
  • HOPING I’m not as lazy as I am now later. At this rate, I’m getting nothing done tonight.
  • WEARING jeans, white top. What I wore to mass earlier this morning.
  • LOVING the Katipunan Art Festival yesterday! Missed most of it because of the UAAP CDC, but could not miss it completely, still. And I bought new brushes (Winsor & Newton and omg Escoda! I have a golden Escoda! And guys, my organs are now up for sale.)
  • WANTING Yang Chow fried rice. Seriously. It’s been 2 weeks since I started craving; this is not funny anymore.
  • NEEDING Zone 5 (our official yearbook photographer) to photoshop my fat face real good.
  • FEELING all over the place. The rain is making me moody and moody me is not in a happy mood. I need Yang Chow.
  • CLICKING. Pinterest boards are open. None of my books are. Bye.

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4 responses to “Currently Vol.20

  1. Yes, I agree that the hands are the evilest of evil when drawing human anatomy. Also, feet. And also like you, I hated the outcomes of UAAPCDC. #luto 😦

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  2. I can totally relate with “WRITING refrigerator notes for my brother.”
    HAHAH we use the ref to remind each other of either our tasks or their tasks. I think I even wrote “Please wake me up at 7 am if my alarn fails” HAHAHA
    Looove your “suddenly currently posts. Goodluck with those hands! 🙂

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