Currently Vol.24

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Lucky to have been able to squeeze a hike/beach/surf trip in my first week of 2016. Photo above is from our hike to Tangadan Falls. I’m starting the year off rather well (at best conditions actually). Well, that until I injured my knee on the way home from the trip yesterday. We spent 5 days away, and I drove to Elyu, hiked twice, surfed in the mornings and no casualties from all that; so it’s wtf on how I get injured from being clumsy on a paved city road. Way to go, self. U doing it right again.

For a week recap, I’ve rewatched the Harry Potter series with my brother for the first week of the year: 1 movie a night (because we might not be able to stand each other that long if we go on a full marathon, no stops.) And watched Ant-Man twice because I need a Paul Rudd in my life. I’ve eaten too much again. Started my journal. Painted a little after hikes when I don’t feel like moving. Edited Thai/Cambodia trip photos. And sulked a great amount over the fact that I’m going back to school next week. Boooo. But I’ve been feeling the want to go back too because the forever vacay thing is scary– like something bad might welcome me back after the vacay. The good outweighs the bad so far though and it’s still been a great start!


  • READING Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Will just start, actually. It’s part of my To-Read list for the first quarter of the year.
  • WRITING on my planner. Scheduling ahead and looking at long weekends. Ha! School hasn’t even started yet and I’m noting down holidays already.
  • LISTENING to Charli XCX’s Sucker Album. Recently bought Spotify Premium and I don’t know why it took me this long. I’m converted guys. Like seriously. Best new year decision ever.
  • THINKING ’bout how to thesis / school / the like. I only have 9 units left including thesis this coming semester so that gives me a lot of free time but I think I’m jinxing it.
  • SMELLING tea. Because I had too much coffee already.
  • WISHING my whole year would be like these previous days. Much chill.
  • HOPING for a good year. Legit good year. Named 2016 as my year of trying and let’s try not to die shall we?
  • WEARING stripes top, white shorts. Still in bed. And I’m wearing my bed’s blanket quite well. Working it! 😂
  • LOVING quick escapes like the week that has been. I’m tiring myself from the adventure but it’s always the good kind of tired.
  • WANTING someone to download everything on my To-Download list hahaha. Gimme movies and albums and eps please.
  • NEEDING to lose the holiday weight. And the weight before that. And with an injured knee, I can’t walk well so the universe may be giving signals for me to just continue living the baboy life. I am born in the year of the pig.
  • FEELING tired now. For no particular reason. I might sleep again.
  • CLICKING SNS, my phone, folders because transferring files.

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3 responses to “Currently Vol.24

  1. Hi! Sali na sa aming pinakabagong online dress up game kung saan pwede kang bumili, mag-bid, o gumawa mismo ng sarili mong damit! Punta lang sa para mag-sign up. 🙂


  2. We’re the same on already planning around the holidays! Haha. My planner already have adventures planned until October. Just need to ask my boss to approve my vacation leaves, haha!

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    • Kainggit! Haha. Still a student so my sched ain’t so free yet and I have to graduate and take boards by the end of the year soooo… Anyway, sana makasiksik din ako ng trips in between. Looking forward to reading about your travels!


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