#WRULou: La Union Photo Diary

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All I can say is “ang dami kong time” 😭😂
Started 2016 with a roadtrip to La Union, and for the first time, my whole family joined in on my New Year post-Christmas-fats trek. Exactly a year before, I climbed Mount Pinatubo; and it made me fall in love with the thrill of going up mountains. Maybe still not as much as the sea–but it’s almost there. So I’m hitting two birds with one stone this year by staycationing for the first week of January in La Union. And instead of crossing another mountain off the books, we did a short hike to Tangadan Falls. Read more to see my doodle and photo filled travel log.

Left Pampanga just right before 10 a.m. and headed on to SCTEX and TPLEX while switching playlists every now and then with my dad who really talks a lot when he’s seated at the backseat of the car.













I mostly just took photos on our first and second days. The rest of the time, I tried to take it all in instead. I often remind myself in trips to not forget to live in the moment and not for the Instagram, Snapchat, or this blog. I did get to update my planner and sketchbook during those times so I was a happy little camper–but the best thing was surfing which I terribly missed. (Ito nanaman pacool-kunwari-sporty-di-talaga self ko) La Union is a great surf spot! And on the right times, it isn’t that crowded. We stayed in San Juan Surf Resort, which has great facilities, btw. They handle boards and surf instructors too. Though a lot of hotels sit side by side the same area, you don’t have to worry. If going on a trip alone or with friends, you could check out Flotsam and Jetsam.

I admire the slow life here so much. Life basically starts to shut down at past 6pm when the sun sets and the waves go higher and roar louder. Planning to go back after the semester, so I hope that works out. And again, I’m writing this at 1 a.m., and I wish I could just slack off like I would if I’m back in LU.

Also, if you happen to go here, do visit El Union Coffee, which is just along the highway parallel to Urbiztondo beach. LU remains one of my am-so-happy-life-so-chill places. Will be writing about our trek to Tangadan Falls next so stay tuned lol. La Union, until I sea you again.

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8 responses to “#WRULou: La Union Photo Diary

  1. Hi! This is such a cute post! I love how you edit and collage your photos. ❤

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  2. I looooooove how this photo diary of yours look, Lou! Where did you edit it? 🙂

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  3. I looooove how you layout the pictures in this post ❤ and this makes me miss Philippines so much! 😦


  4. beautiful photos 🙂

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