Quick Update & Feelings & Other Stuff

By feelings and other stuff, I mean Cole Sprouse and Cole Sprouse.
I’m making up excuses on being able to share this well–everywhere. You might have gone through some of my old posts with a photo (or more) of Cole Sprouse in it because let’s just say I like like him. I liked him as Cody in the Suite Life of Zack & Cody (I liked Cody more than Zack!), and I liked him even more after the series–how he pursued his passion, why he and Dylan parted ways with Disney, and he is an amazing photographer, okay?

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.51.51 AMCole announced his acting comeback on his Twitter and Instagram pages

And now, he’s coming back to the screens… As Jughead Jones! (Apparently, this is becoming a quick update on Cole’s life and not mine. But Cole is life sooo…)
I cannot with this right now. Jughead. OMG. I’m an avid fan of the comic books. Remind me to take a photo of my collection of it in our attic when I get home. Like legit. I used to save up my allowance and buy them off the store monthly. My younger brother bought KZone, and it was comics for me. My interests were weird as a kid; I liked Hot Wheels, comic books and Marvel, I taught my brother to play GameBoy, and I kept a distance from my Barbie toys. My only girly obsession was Polly Pocket. And back to Cole–he is perfect for the role.

archie-riverdale-cwPhoto from Screen Rant

The TV show Riverdale is set in the present time, with no premier date yet, and will air on The CW. Hello me having a non-Korean TV show to anticipate for again.

With my feelings off my chest (but Cole Sprouse remains), a quick update:
Here’s what I’ve been busy on–Miss Engineering costume–but showing just a preview because the event’s not over yet. This year’s theme has something to do with butterflies, and our org got the Troides Rhadamanthus. This may be the last I’m doing for UP ACES which certainly sums up and made my college life.

Costume_0 copy

Also, I’ve been editing last night, and my La Union photo diary will be up later. Had lots of fun doodling over photos that I stayed up until 3 a.m. doing just that. I just really wanted to talk about Cole Sprouse so this post. Haha. Lastly, I’m going to the UP Fair: Overdrive with friends tonight after the Ash Wednesday mass and I hope your week’s coming out as good as mine.

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4 responses to “Quick Update & Feelings & Other Stuff

  1. I’ve always have a huge crush on the Sprouse twins! Cole more than Dylan, as well. I had this classmate in high school that looks exactly like them – just with black hair!! I’m not even gonna be embarrassed about typing that out because he already knows I crushed on him my entire high school life, lol. But seriously, shameless sly looks because he’s the closest I’ll get to seeing the brothers in real life! Hahaha!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places


  2. I used to work at a movie theatre (as a cashier) in Vancouver, and I still remember taking Cole’s order! I was starstruck! Hahaha. Apparently, they were in town filming “The Suite Life Movie”. #goodtimes


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