Thailand Photobook

Ending my Bangkok series with a photobook–which in 3 weeks, I’ll have as a hard copy–like legit printed. Waaay excited for that! I keep it old school and have some my shots printed still on 5″x7″ and stick them in albums; and the idea of getting them on just one book per trip always called to me–but hassle maglayout pls. But finally snapped out of my katamaran and just pushed with this idea I’ve been thinking about for some months now. So I went ahead and did a layouting spree for two days in a row and compiled all my Bangkok photos. Published it on Issuu as well which you can check below.

Currently doing my HK trip from last year (which has way more photos), and now on the 55th page (LOL nagsawa na ko sa kakatingin sa face ko), then I have other trips lined up next. Wew. Keeping myself busy because having classes on just TThs is bumming me out.

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5 responses to “Thailand Photobook

  1. Wow. This is so nice and cute. I also love how you collated your pictures. ❤

    Spices + Everything Nice |

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  2. Looks great! I’d love to get a few photo books printed myself!

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  3. You’re so good at making these collages/layouts! & oh, that’s tons of photos there! Haha ❤


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