I’ve moved!

The past year has been amazing, and its going to be even more amazing here on out.
I have lots of surprises in store for you guys for the month of March–BIRTHDAY MONTH WOOOO. First of which is–I’ve moved! Also explains why I haven’t posted that much here really. Finally have my own domain, and I want to thank you for sticking through with me and this blog. So go ahead and click the photo/link below (follow maybe?) to check out my new site.

Caffeine Rush Header 1

I’ve spent the last 3 early mornings coding–I’ve changed my header and layout, imported my posts, and Googled the nerd life out of me–and I hope you’ll like it! Still tweaking a few more things but yeah. (Sobrang wew po, #goals ko forever magkadomain and wew, just wew. ❤️❤️❤️)

If you’re a follower on WordPress, I’ve automatically redirected the follows up to my new site. Will be moving Bloglovin’ followers tomorrow or you can just subscribe here. I know I’ve said in my first post that I’ll stick through with this–but this move is good (amiright? amiright?)
Again, thank you. Can never thank you enough for all the love I’ve received the past year. Turning 21 this month, and can I just say, my Venti ain’t so bad after all.

Can’t wait to write more, draw more, and wander a lot more.

Signature Footer


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