Mount Pinatubo

Greetings, human.

I’m Louise Ramos. 20. From the Philippines.

My productivity level is directly related to the cup(s) of coffee I have consumed in the past hour.

I like to draw (I hoard pens), paint 🎨, and read books and watch movies 🎥 that make me (ugly) cry. I want to experience the world. Travel, and get lost ✈️🌍. I don’t mind spending money on good coffee ☕️, and I have this thing for picturesque cafes.

A person of the extremes — of black and white ☯; ecstatic one second, and quiet the next. I concede to my weirdness. (Hell, I can even name all the Pokemon until the 5th gen 🎮.) Also, I’m badly competitive: When people say “i love you” i always say “i love you more” because life is a competition and I must win level of competitive. To calm me, my happy place is anywhere near the beach, and water 🌊 is my element. But I love the mountains 🗻 just as much.

I’ve been trying to blog since 2009. And I’ve been immersed in Tumblr for 5 years (Damn the internet for luring me into that crazy world. 👽) Caffeine Rush will be my online diary of some sort and I’m throwing in my Arts & Crap in here as well. Everything else you need to know, you will find in my posts. 💛

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Questions? Got something to say? Drop me a comment below or contact me via louisecramos@gmail.com (I’m friendly, I swear.) ☺️❤️


6 responses to “About

  1. I like your cap! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No such thing as too much caffeine? Read my post about the double mocha milkshake. This coffee addiction people seem to have is about as dangerous, I think, as alcohol with less obvious side-effects.


  3. New to your blog, loving it already… something new..hope to read more 🙂


  4. Hi! Your blog is so cute 🙂 Look forward to reading more posts!


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