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Sketches, poems, etc. from when I may have been brainwashed or emotionally drunk.

Five Favorite Bloggers

a5 Favorite Bloggers

(Nagprapractice akong magdrawing ng 1×1. Chos.)
So this is what I’ve been watercoloring on my free time lately. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs (and people) which are part of my life constants. These which I’m constantly refreshing by the day–hoping a new post comes up and I get a new read, even if just a recap of their day. So I’m putting my thoughts and these illustrations (though shitty as they are) out as a tribute to these bloggers. Maybe they’ll notice me. Hi, am a fan! I love you. LOL.

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Bloom in Adversity

The flower that blooms in adversity
Is the most rare and beautiful of all
-Mulan, 1998

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#WRULou: La Union Photo Diary

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

All I can say is “ang dami kong time” 😭😂
Started 2016 with a roadtrip to La Union, and for the first time, my whole family joined in on my New Year post-Christmas-fats trek. Exactly a year before, I climbed Mount Pinatubo; and it made me fall in love with the thrill of going up mountains. Maybe still not as much as the sea–but it’s almost there. So I’m hitting two birds with one stone this year by staycationing for the first week of January in La Union. And instead of crossing another mountain off the books, we did a short hike to Tangadan Falls. Read more to see my doodle and photo filled travel log.

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Cat Stickers! + February Journal Update

Cat Stickers

Downloadables again!
I hate cats. Sorry. I’m a puppy person, and I feel like cats are more human than humans themselves and I don’t like it when they stare at me. They look through the deep evil parts of my soul, okay? Even so, I like drawing cats more than dogs and I don’t really know the reason as to why. So I finally made the time to edit the cat stickers I watercolored about two weeks ago, and I’ve stuck them unto the February calendar of my journal as you can see. Now I think my February spread is just purrfect! Definitely fits my Fuck Feelings February theme.

Click read more for the download link and so you could print them for yourself and your journal too.

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Like Flowers

Sketch 10

She sprouted love like flowers
Grew a garden in her mind
And even on her darkest days
From her the sun still shined
-Erin Hanson

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Feeling Peachy

Feeling Peachy

11:19 pm. Body thinks it's still maybe 7.
So, how are you feeling?

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Harry Potter ♥️ Post (& Free Stickers)


Giving away downloadable stickers after this lengthy and sort of tipsy-or-am-I-finally-sleepy post. For free.


I’ve been clingy with Photoshop and my tablet lately, and I’ve been making a lot of stickers—as part of my journal 2016 thing. Sobrang sipag ko mag-edit every 1-4 a.m. (body clock why?!) and now my notebook is full of hand-drawn stickers: cats, dogs, turtles, Disney characters and fancy swear words. And if you remember my Alan Rickman post, I got a little carried away and drew some more HP characters — as a form of mourning, and for the indebtedness I owe J.K. Rowling for my childhood.
So I’m posting them up for download so you could maybe use them too. Anyway, included in this pack are 15 Harry Potter graphics you can criticize or stare at or print or kahit pang-nostalgia feels nalang.

Albus Dumbledore
Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Albus Dumbledore

By happiness, I think Dumbledore meant this:


Neville Longbottom
Why is it always me?

Neville Longbottom

Oh darling, of course it’s you. Because look at you. Such a beaut!

NevilleMatthew Lewis on the June 2015 issue of Attitude

Luna Lovegood
Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.
And I’m insanely in love with Luna. She is my spirit animal.


Ginny Weasley
You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.
Persistence. And not giving up. For knowing what (and who) she likes. And getting it. Teaching kids to chase their dreams and their crushes since book two.


↓↓↓↓↓ Click below for the rest and of course, the download link. ↓↓↓↓↓

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After All This Time



photo source here

All wands raised for Alan Rickman. You’ll be in our hearts. Always.

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First Week of January Journal

nJan 1st week.jpg

I’m still not done with the it’s-2016 things, you’ve got to deal with it. 😂 I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions because I never get to stick with them until the end of the year (Lucky if it even lasts more than a month), but I decided to have one this year just to keep myself motivated: to write/draw more journal entries. I always fill my planner up that it becomes too bulky to even be considered as a planner– because I can never find my checklists and it’s mostly filled with irrelevant thoughts (and song lyrics and tickets and receipts lol) and not very useful for planning. A journal and/or diary is still a great keep though. (Unless it’s Tom Riddle’s, that will try to kill you.) Keeps track of ideas. And memories. Except for last year. I don’t know why I suddenly stopped carrying a notebook with me mid-May 2015. I just got used to bringing just my phone and wallet. Tamad 5evs.
So I’m writing more (or say, again) this year, and I’m back in Manila (boooo), so I’ve got my scanner again (YAS), and yay for more of my arts and crap.

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Motivational Words To Start Off 2016


Happy 2016! First post for the year… kroooo.. krooooooo…….


I honestly don’t know how to feel about 2016 and the first journal entry I wrote in my planner was just dramatic. So off with that. That was very unmotivational. I crey, sorry. On a very unrelated thought though, I’ve been binge-watching Harry Potter with my brother (who has never read or watched the series like what the actual fck), so I’m in the midst of converting him to a Potterhead and I’m out of nowhere writing this at 1:30 in the morning all the while convincing myself that I should sleep (but obviously can’t) and also me family’s gonna be leaving for a long drive in a few hours for a trip before my last semester as a college student starts. So I don’t know how to feel about that either– on both the last semester and the kaladkarin trip thing. The new year may be messing up my feelings or finally giving me the realization that “Hey dude, now you can’t use your too much feels line” My mind’s both no where and everywhere. Wew 2016 u being tough ey. So that’s that on my first half-week of 2016.

Back to the motivational thing. Maybe if you’re stuck like me (or you’re back at work or in classes) then you could convince yourself of some of these quotes to hustle off for a year start. Scanner’s back in Manila so crappy phone photos instead. And hey, 2015 was awesome, let’s just cross-fingers it’ll be same for 2016.




I just realized that we just finished the 6th HP movie. And now think I know why I’m so dementor-in-the-radius crappy. Dumbledore just died. Oh you already knew that, boohoohoo, spoilers be gone. We should just get on with the last 2 movies so things get happy and Ron and Hermione can go live happily ever after (Still ship her with Draco in fanfics though lol.) And Harry can do whatever it is that he wants (Like he always has.)
How’s 2016 on your end so far?

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