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Currently Vol.28

Currently Vol.28

My week has been busy. Had a lot of things to catch up on (and not just TV shows this time), then also had a few wtf episodes (aka flat tire when I had to thesis in an expressway, wew timing wew, but thank god for batchmates ♥️), and generally just lifed. Like most nights for the past days, I am on Photoshop. I just got home after getting a quick haircut because my Merida hair is now worse than Merida’s. And trying to get through maybe 3/4 of my trip photos before the night ends.
Last year, part of my ‘What I’m Saving Up For’ is a photobook. I’m almost done layouting my 2nd one and I’ll have them printed by the end of the week (hopefully).
Also, I haven’t been posting art stuff because doing self projects instead. But there’s some I’ll be scanning tomorrow which I was working on last month but I forgot about it midway and just finished this morning. As usual.

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Currently Vol.27

Currently Vol.27

Long weekend! But I’m really on long weekend every weekend because I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but yeah, long weekend! Sunday spent at home is ♥️. Aside from my room (where I could practically live as a hobbit in), I can lazily spend all day in our side porch. It’s my spot at home. (Also the single seater sofa chair adjacent the door going to the porch) It’s been a norm for me to direct myself here when I leave my room–for projects, studying, jump rope spot lol, or to waste time. Maybe because this certain spot at home just looks so hipster, I cannot think of any other reason. Haha. Ambiance is a must for productivity, yes? The wall opposite this photo is even a brick wall. 😂 I’ve locked myself out here from Saturday afternoon until now. I’ve been painting on a huge piece of cloth for a costume and I’m writing this as a “break”.

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Currently Vol.26

Currently Vol.26

It’s February! But it’s a Monday, ew. But it’s also just past 1 a.m. so I’m treating now as a Sunday still.
I’ve spent the last two hours in the attic, rummaging for things and being nostalgically emotional. All I had to do was get some textile paint and cloth scraps from last year, but being me, I spent one hour going through a hundred of other stuff–which led me to find this Sia wig (which we used for last year’s Maski show)–and another 30 minutes setting up a mini shoot in the attic. Granny hair, don’t care.

Engineering Week is fast approaching and I am legit stoked. And crying. Dumb ass crying. My best college memories are because of Eng’g Week. I backread through our event group last year and it stings. I miss the ACES Maskipaps 2015 team. I miss Lianne! My Eng’g week headships and activities got me back into sketching and consisted of consecutive days of no sleep–just paint, costumes, glue, and sewing machines–but I’ve never felt more energized. I was in my element.

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Currently Vol.25


I apologize in advance for what you’re about the read. Rated GP. Girl Problems.

Back from the dead, a.k.a. the time of the month I loathe people who breathes in the same room as me, and I spend a great amount of time scrolling over puppy pictures in Pinterest. Because it’s new news that you now need doctor’s “reseta” for pain reliever. I almost killed the drugstore lady. Jk, I kept my cool. Kunwari hindi masakit. Sanay na ko dun. Chos. Also I labeled the 1L vanilla ice cream with my name on it in the fridge. And I did it in a fancy hand lettering way with a Sharpie. But then I feel a Satanic sacrificial waterfall feeling and I die again. +I had major yoga bed poses which did nothing. Nothing.


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.53.55 PM-downphoto credits to BuzzFeed, who always feels me, 1 and 2.

So in all honesty, ^THIS is my Sunday. I still have 2 hours left before The Sunday Currently becomes The Monday Currently so I’m getting my sht together. My pre-dying-dead phase, a.k.a. again, 1-3am hits, was happy and all rainbows and meadows and definitely no signs of incoming dementors in my stomach. I was able to finish painting Harry Potter stickers (Not yet finished agonizing Alan Rickman’s death) and I’m planning to digitize them on Tuesday. I think I’ll do a Pokemon version as well. And maybe other cartoons.


  • READING Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Still. Stopped because enrollment and because I cannot, with my feels still on Reply 1988 Kdrama series which finished airing last night and still has no subs tonight. Do your magic, world wide web!
  • WRITING this in a speed mode manner.
  • LISTENING to Mario background music my brother’s playing.
  • THINKING chicken wings.
  • SMELLING coffee caramel candy.
  • WISHING for the small amount of pain left to go away.
  • HOPING I wake up tomorrow like lyf so good, let’s have bacon!
  • WEARING denim boxers, big black shirt, and a face that might swear if anyone goes within my self-defense radius.
  • LOVING ice cream. Vanilla ice cream.
  • WANTING no classes week. Please let this week be here’s-your-syllabus-bye-now-see-you-at-the-end-of-the-semester week.
  • NEEDING to exercise. Legit. I get less cramps that way.
  • FEELING cold. But if I turn off the A/C, is too hot. 😭
  • CLICKING phone. Bloglovin’. Pinterest. And watching more BuzzFeed.

I just reread what I typed for any typos and that and everything’s all over the place. It sounds like how my head sounds like.

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Currently Vol.24

nCurrently Vol.24.jpg

Lucky to have been able to squeeze a hike/beach/surf trip in my first week of 2016. Photo above is from our hike to Tangadan Falls. I’m starting the year off rather well (at best conditions actually). Well, that until I injured my knee on the way home from the trip yesterday. We spent 5 days away, and I drove to Elyu, hiked twice, surfed in the mornings and no casualties from all that; so it’s wtf on how I get injured from being clumsy on a paved city road. Way to go, self. U doing it right again.

For a week recap, I’ve rewatched the Harry Potter series with my brother for the first week of the year: 1 movie a night (because we might not be able to stand each other that long if we go on a full marathon, no stops.) And watched Ant-Man twice because I need a Paul Rudd in my life. I’ve eaten too much again. Started my journal. Painted a little after hikes when I don’t feel like moving. Edited Thai/Cambodia trip photos. And sulked a great amount over the fact that I’m going back to school next week. Boooo. But I’ve been feeling the want to go back too because the forever vacay thing is scary– like something bad might welcome me back after the vacay. The good outweighs the bad so far though and it’s still been a great start!


  • READING Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Will just start, actually. It’s part of my To-Read list for the first quarter of the year.
  • WRITING on my planner. Scheduling ahead and looking at long weekends. Ha! School hasn’t even started yet and I’m noting down holidays already.
  • LISTENING to Charli XCX’s Sucker Album. Recently bought Spotify Premium and I don’t know why it took me this long. I’m converted guys. Like seriously. Best new year decision ever.
  • THINKING ’bout how to thesis / school / the like. I only have 9 units left including thesis this coming semester so that gives me a lot of free time but I think I’m jinxing it.
  • SMELLING tea. Because I had too much coffee already.
  • WISHING my whole year would be like these previous days. Much chill.
  • HOPING for a good year. Legit good year. Named 2016 as my year of trying and let’s try not to die shall we?
  • WEARING stripes top, white shorts. Still in bed. And I’m wearing my bed’s blanket quite well. Working it! 😂
  • LOVING quick escapes like the week that has been. I’m tiring myself from the adventure but it’s always the good kind of tired.
  • WANTING someone to download everything on my To-Download list hahaha. Gimme movies and albums and eps please.
  • NEEDING to lose the holiday weight. And the weight before that. And with an injured knee, I can’t walk well so the universe may be giving signals for me to just continue living the baboy life. I am born in the year of the pig.
  • FEELING tired now. For no particular reason. I might sleep again.
  • CLICKING SNS, my phone, folders because transferring files.

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The Sunday Currently Vol.23

nCurrently Vol.23

Been internet-life MIA. And that does not mean I’m having real-life action. Crey. Currently like the living dead; and with pimples popping out of my face and eyebags determined to go suck themselves to the innermost of my soul, I should probably be wishing I am indeed dead. But I have successfully booked myself rooms for my Indochina trip next month (on a very impulsive, I just didn’t want to study way) so I guess I’m staying alive ’til that. Life so wew.


  • READING Love Is the Higher Law by David Levithan.
  • WRITING typo things I would later scan to turn into stickers and overlays.
  • LISTENING to Hide Away by Daya.
  • THINKING ’bout my expenses lately. And then internally panicking. And almost externally crying. Self, y u no have control?!
  • SMELLING coffee shop smell because I’m currently in CBTL judging people judging me.
  • WISHING for an all pass sem, aka a miracle. And wishing so as I place my photocopied notes as props atop my table. Cries again.
  • HOPING the next weeks won’t be too gruesome. I can sense the blood spill that is the end of the semester. Huhu mommy.
  • WEARING stripes shirt, high waist jeans, mom’s sandals.
  • LOVING me time. Which will be short lived. And my bookstore haul this morning. Heh. This is why I’m broke.
  • WANTING Sunnies Studios’ 2016 Agenda. Graphics are too cute! All of you can go get Starbucks’ Moleskine, idc!
  • NEEDING to get my shit together.
  • FEELING ecstatic and scared and then excited again. Getting lost again next month. Extremely hyped about our Thai-Cambodia trip! And I feel like I really would get lost. I just hope I don’t die crossing the border. But I have to acads first.
  • CLICKING emails, Pinterest, SNS.


Just a quick photodump and life update you are prolly not interested in but I’m posting anyway haha.

nNov Currently

Senior year is crey crey everyday. Been living in libraries and coffee shops all the while having near to zero productivity, too many sabaw moments, and too little sleep. The road to graduation (#June2016) is apparently not a road, it’s a fucking Hunger Games x Maze Runner x even WWII was not that bad arena. //Sabi na eh, nagPBB nalang dapat ako haaay.


Wore makeup 2 days in a row. WTF self, you don’t even wear makeup twice in a month! First is for a Halloween party, then had my grad shoot the next day. Gragraduate nga ba?


Lol at this. Rewarding myself even if I did nothing. I know, I know. I post too much about my Thai-Cambodia trip. Sorry. It’s just that I don’t really like spending that much for a one-time thing but this is an exemption. I have to restrain myself, though. I shall not search about itineraries until I get my academic life back together.


Doggieees! Wee. Went to Barkin’ Blends right after our thesis presentations as a reward. Cuties. Buti pa aso, walang thesis na iniisip. So jelly. And I’ve noticed I’ve been wearing too much stripes. This is probably me stalking Camie Juan’s Snapchat’s effect.

Also, lately I have:

  • been missing The Sunday Currentlys which I usually don’t do.
  • had an eye injury. (permanent thing actually, unless I get a surgery, so I also had a breakdown about it ((lol me being OA)) because if you know me, I’m fucking scared of blood and doctors and hospitals and anything medical. I don’t even get why my closest friends are doctors-to-be)
  • gained weight HAHA WHAT 2015 RESOLUTIONS
  • been officially basag. First time partying without any memory of it the next day. Never again.
  • been drawing less and swearing I’m catching up on it next month.
  • and still is mahugot lol whyyyy. Nahawa na yata ako ng friends ko.

Overall, I can’t wait for Christmas break and finally go home to a Christmas decor filled house and vacay and have new photos to edit and catch up on missed episodes and continue hanging conversations with friends and wake up without an alarm and basically just have time and chill. Last month grind, let’s do this. (cue me saving this as a draft and hopefully read at least a chapter of my book)

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Currently Vol.22

The Sunday Currently Vol.22

Sunday morning, rain is falling. (Steal some covers, share some skin.)


  • READING Love, Rosie. Still. Unto finishing this tonight. Because messed up priorities.
  • WRITING nothing in particular at the moment. Just this.
  • LISTENING. Not listening, instead, I’m watching this short animation film right now. Is so cheesy. But so cute. *vomits rainbows*
  • THINKING should I eat? Should I not? Should I coffee? Is that even a question?
  • SMELLING hmmm, I smell food being heated down the kitchen so I might stop typing and go there nao.
  • WISHING “Internet, pleaaazzzz be faster.” Yes, go on, go finish downloading my book 3 days from now, when my exam is over.
  • HOPING for a whole week suspension. (Not wishing for rain, just suspension lelz)
  • WEARING a red shirt maybe 3x larger than my size. 
  • LOVING Cole Sprouse’s Halloween costume (Milo Thatch), but mostly just Cole Sprouse is enough to love. Oh god arms, oh god aesthetics, oh god everything.

  • WANTING Cole Sprouse, no joke. Okay, I’ll settle with a slice of cake. Or banoffee. Or passing exams. I’ll go with passing exams.
  • NEEDING to start studying. But no.
  • FEELING cold. Wala bang mag-ooffer ng jacket? Jk. Feeling happy despite the rain, and surprisingly chill (literal and not).
  • CLICKING more Cole Sprouse photos. I should stop.

Hope everyone’s night is warm. Stay safe. And in love: #Lando #Landi lol k bye. Here’s to making cancelled classes productive!

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Currently Vol.21

The Sunday Currently Vol. 21

Currently back in my same spot 12 hours ago. The bed.


  • READING Love, Rosie. I know. I know. Late. I have this rule wherein I won’t watch a movie until I’ve read the book and last night marks the night I’ve broken that rule. And I feel guilty. So I’m reading the book now. But really, Lily Collins was worth it. Even her eyebrows alone were worth it.
  • WRITING. Drawing/painting again. Pinning a lot of hugot quotes and drawing stuff from there.
  • LISTENING to Quiet Weekend playlist on Spotify. But mainly I have The Fire and Say You Love Me stuck in my head.
  • THINKING if I should start packing. Leaving early for Manila tomorrow (First time in weeks that I’ve been home in the province and all I can say is, the food here is ugh. I am on a I’m not hungry-That is good-Still-not hungry-Yum loop for the weekend. And I am now 20 pounds over my regular weight.), haven’t fixed my stuff (or my brother’s, he listed me some to do/bring lists) and I am tamad. Bow.
  • SMELLING like I should also now be taking a shower.
  • WISHING pag-ibig. CHOS. Well, really. Chos again. I’m wishing I become, even if just a little wee bit more, responsible this week.
  • HOPING my movies download fast. Oh holy kings of the internet, do not sue me.
  • WEARING green tank top, this pants that fit like pajama but are too fancy to be just pajamas.
  • LOVING ehem. Jk. Loving that I get to maybe go hiking again this the weekend. Crossing my fingers for my 5th mountain this year! Though I’ve gone up this mountain before, hopefully, we’ll go on a traverse trail.
  • WANTING chocolate. We don’t have dark chocolate. My mom is on a diet. I am sad.
  • NEEDING a slap in the face. I’m being too indecisive lately.
  • FEELING full. Only child for the weekend and I feel like a fattened up pig ready to be sold out the market.
  • CLICKING Bēhance pages of people I secretly envy and blaming the earth for not giving me such amazing skills or part thereof. (And Let It Go starts playing in the background and I am not guilty and I’m clicking skip and not letting my issues go and because I do not like this song.)

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The Sunday Currently Vol.19

Currently Vol.19

I’m a few hours late. Blaming my messed up body clock for being awake mostly only after midnight.

This Sunday (this weekend, actually) has been a winder. Chose not to go home and despite not being able to in weeks, didn’t go all homesick this weekend. (Am I adult enough yet?) Don’t get me wrong, I still miss the whole spacey house thing, an attic for a workspace, having a garage and not leeching for roadside parking, and of course, my dog and bed. On work terms, I finally got to fix my art hoard for the past month or two. (A lot. Writing about my new stuff up soon.) And just got some of them in from the mail today! (Hi 24-color Sakura Koi Palette! OMG finally.) Scanned illustrations I left hanging on my pads for some time now, and digitizing most of them at the moment. I have spent the last week with about 5 coffee shop sessions, validating my ‘I’m on my usual again.’ routine. Ending org works and saying hi again to my blog. I’m back yas!


  • READING. Well, I should be reading my notes (Do I even have notes?!) for Transportation. Exams make me crey. But told myself that this weekend is all on me.
  • WRITING just this post.
  • LISTENING to Echosmith‘s Spotify Sessions.
  • THINKING where do I study tomorrow. Haha. Legit problems.
  • SMELLING pasta. It’s 1am and I just cooked dinner. 
  • WISHING I could catch up with my acads. Pano bumawi? Huhu.
  • WEARING grey? Gray? tank top. Denim shorts. My pambahay slash jacket nalang pwede na ko lumabas.
  • LOVING my new watercolor sets and brushes. I did some hoarding but never got to use them because of our org’s summit, and now I don’t know which to use first.
  • WANTING milk tea. Mostly the pearls in the milk tea but also a little of the milk tea. K.
  • NEEDING to stop craving food. Grad photoshoot in 2 weeks. (Googles how to lose weight in 2 weeks without dying.)
  • FEELING. You know that feel when you should be stressed or freaking out but you so chill and it’s so good. And no, not the it’s-because-you’re-high kind of thing. I just feel highly relaxed this weekend.
  • CLICKING through Tumblr, Pinterest, SNS. The usual.

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Currently Vol.18

My Sunday Currently consists of me standing on top of a chair so I could take a top view photo of my kunwari-ganyan-lang-kagulo-pero-swear-mas-nakakalokang-magulo-pa workspace. I can’t believe I missed not one, not two, but THREE The Sunday Currentlys. I hate myself. The past month has been hectic; mostly because we’ve been cramming up for an exhibit for our org’s yearly event: The National Civil Engineering Summit. It’s an exhibit. Such art, much glue, much scissors, much happy. But I hate it when art becomes a job and ultimately, a stress source. Like a “I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!” scene.
Too much had happened during said month. I killed one plant (I am very very very sorry), inhaled too much paint fumes, glue gunned my finger, glue gunned my leg, missed too many episodes, had around 5 to 10 I’m-crying-wtf-I-want-to-sink-to-the-ground-and-die episodes of my own, have had more mood swings than I think I’ve ever had for the longest time, and probably serial murdered the most people in my head during the said time frame as well. And most of my sleep incur inside the classroom (Not as sorry as with the plant, but still very sorry to my profs and currently non-existent acad life). After Wednesday, I shall have my life back. And I should not be typing these stuff on the last weekend before our Summit, but I figured out I might will go full on haywire if I don’t give myself a break. Hence, watercolor sessions for me. Not for the exhibit. Because fuck deadlines.


  • READING meh. I don’t even have time to eat or sleep.
  • WRITING. Watercoloring. That should count.
  • LISTENING to my go-to-playlist slash my coffee shop vibes playlist. Ending now is Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry. Now it’s Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved.
  • THINKING ’bout everything I have to do for the next 3 days.
  • SMELLING paint fumes. Constant smell of our room right now.
  • WISHING all goes well.
  • HOPING all goes well.
  • WEARING stripes maxi dress. And I just stayed at home the whole day (except for Sunday mass). Being so mababaw here, but I had to look good at least for today to make myself feel good again.
  • LOVING nothing. Negatron. (Okay, so I love that I have a new Aquarelle Watercolor Set which I bought I think 2 weeks ago, but I hate that I can’t use it until after Summit. Because I have to adult. Because priorities. Lyf.)
  • WANTING CBTL’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, but I went and they were sold out and I am concluding that the world hates me whyyyyy.
  • NEEDING to eat. Buy dinner or smtg.
  • FEELING the constant, never-ending, tired feeling.
  • CLICKING through Tumblr, Pinterest, SNS.

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